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charleniehead tagged me and I'm on the phone w/ T-Mobile support

Five things I can't live without:

1. teh intarwebs
2. The Subway
3. Food
4. Air
5. Love

Five Food/Beverages that you Love:

1. Ginger ale
2. Chocolate
3. Lemon chicken
4. Salmon
5. Lobster

Five things I always have with me:

1. My keys
2. My phone (and I used to hate the idea of cellphones...)
3. My wallet
4. My body
5. Some form of footwear

Five things I will always and forever hate:

1. Intolerance
2. Redundant regulations
3. Stupidity
4. Slow internet connections
5. Full servers

List ten fictional characters you want to have sex with and then tag five people. Any media (movies, books, video games, etc). And remember, this isn't what actor do I think is hot and wanna bang. It's about the character!

1. Jean Grey from the recent X-Men movies
2. "Your Mom" from "Your Mom" jokes the world over. She must be hot if so many people want to bang her ;-).
3. The alien girl from FLCL
4. Maybe Ginny Weasley (the Harry Potter books)... when she's in her early 20's (assuming she makes it that far... there is a war going on, after all).
5. Rogue from the recent X-Men movies — with a full-body condom!
6. Dora from Questionable Content
10. Fuck. I don't know. Do I have to choose now?

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