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As per this request


Flying cars:
    A totally inefficient method of travel that I sincerely hope never gets taken seriously. Or if it does, we have some supremely awesome energy solution so we don't have to care anymore. And while it'd be very cool indeed, I don't trust most drivers on the road today in 3D, let alone four!

    An amazing girl on the whole. Despite the fact that I've never been able to bed her ;-). Sometimes I wonder if she plays up her immaturity for effect, and if so, what is her desired one? When we are both calm (a rare thing, as our hyperactivity plays off each other quite well, and we have tons of fun!), we have some very interesting conversations. She's quite beautiful, but she should know this by now. She doesn't, but she should. On the other hand, there are few people I know who realize their own beauty (myself included, although I frankly cannot see it).
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