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So I just heard about how the NYC public schools are changing their sex ed curriculum. You'd think, that since the AIDS portion hadn't been updated in 10 years, and the rest of it in 20, that they would be adding important information about safer sex and sexual orientations. They aren't. I am seriously considering becoming a sex ed tutor just to make sure these kids don't hurt themselves or each other. How about it:Your school refuses to teach kids how to stay safe. I'll teach them what they need to know. Call 347-KL5-1212 for more information.

Fucking Bloomberg, living in his little Republican la-la land where kids learn sex from school (and that this must be prevented). Dude, there are 6.x billion of us. Humans come pre-programmed with fucking, I guarantee. Parents should teach their kids how to stay safe, but let's be honest, a) no one listens to their parents, and b) most parents hate talking about sex, let alone with their kids. Therefore, the responsibility falls to the schools, not to teach kids how to be upstanding moral human beings, not to pretend that bad things don't happen, but instead to be realistic, and teach kids how to protect themselves and the people they care about.
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