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This is not snow! I wish it was snow. My ears would hurt less. Stupid mini-hail!

Anyways, so I'm in the stat lab in COS. VNC kicks major ass. It makes me happy to see Sex running from anywhere I please. It makes me feel kinda weird though, using my computer from the other side of the quarter mile.

Still, if I may be completely scatter-brained, any precipitation is good. I heard the Rochester area was having a minor drought due to lack of precip. Well, now we have lots of little painful precip. Hope it works.

I want to write about things, but I don't know what.
I could just babble about random shit. Sound good to you, too? Glad to hear it!

I've noticed that I don't seem to feel as much as others seem to. I'm very un-affectable (this week being the exception). And that scares me. But, when I do get riled-up about something (as in this week), I scare everyone else. I guess I just can't win. But I already knew that.
The three laws of thermodynamics

  • You cannot win.
  • You cannot break even.
  • You cannot get out of the game.

So it is, so it ever was, and it shall always be this way.

But enough weird cryptic shit!

Yesterday was PDG (Pretty Damn Good). I mean, class was no fun, but I took a nap, felt better, and went to dinner with Melissa. Quite entertaining. We filled a plate with salt and pepper because it had a lot of olive oil left on it. It made sense at the time, it need not now. And, I got my homework done at an almost reasonable hour.
On the downside, I'll probably be doing Word on the Street for the rest of the school year. At least the assignment doesn't take too long, and the hardest part is the temperature at which you write. And that will be better soon. So it'll be great fun in no time!

Where did this optimistic outlook come from, I wonder....?
Any guesses, 'cause I'm out of clues?

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