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Jurors best when refrigerated.

OK. So I just got back from Jury Duty day one of n. The courtroom was very cold. I never even got close to serving on a jury, which is probably better. While I have permission from my boss to be out as long as it takes, the longer I stay out, the less pleasant returning will be (yay backlog!). Anyways, the longest I will be on call until is next Friday.

It was an interesting process, on the whole. And I'm sure I'll be heading back again.

The following Douglas Adams quote is for faboo, who doesn't read LJ anyways.
When I hear Mozart, I understand what it is to be a human being; when I hear Beethoven, I understand what it is to be Beethoven; but when I listen to Bach, I understand what it is to be the Universe
Douglas Adams, on BBC's Radio Four, Private Passions
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