Peter (xoder) wrote,

I got free water for answering a survey about what I want from a church. I hope they enjoy it :-)

Pick ONE word from each pair that you think describes me the best...leave it in the comments. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you...

* dominant or submissive
* logical or intuitive
* social or loner
* kinky or vanilla
* cute or sophisticated
* kitten or puppy
* warm flannel sheets or sleek satin
* leader or follower
* quiet or talkative
* spontaneous or planned
* teddy bear or porcelain doll
* hiking or window shopping
* coffee or tea
* top or bottom
* barefoot or shoes
* jeans or slacks
* tender or rough
* aware or dreamy
* nerd or jock
Tags: audience participation, meme, whimsical
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