Peter (xoder) wrote,

Phone Post:

192K 0:55
“Hey, um... got out of work, finally bought the fucking air conditioner, it won't be able to be <i>installed</i> untill Wednesday - I mean, <i>technically</i>, Kristoff and I could do the installation. But being as how I was going to fix up any kind of problems, like the fact that we have <b>ginormous windows</b>, and also deal with the fact that it's being installed high, or at least we'd like to have it installed up high, rather than down at, uh, sash level. So that drama is all <i>done</i>, I just have to go home, deposit my paycheck and pick up some cash to pay the delivery guys, uh, when they come bring the A/C in <b>tomorrow</b>. Um, which is all fine and good and joyous.

*car beeping*

That honking is a Prius hybrid, and it is, well, New York. Have a good day, buh-bye.”

Transcribed by: roark_therapist
Tags: complaining, update
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