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"Does democracy depend on knowing everything that happens in a prison cell?" -NYTM cover

Ennervation, takes coordination
Ennervation, a game we all can play

Since ~6pm yesterday I've just been completely exhausted. I've had trouble with equilibrium, and my muscles feel depleted. I have difficulty eating, which is quite strange for me, and which thwarts my main method for thwarting the weakness. Sleep and meals haven't really helped. Frk and Orange Juice (and accidentally hitting my back on Erin's counter/kitchen table) seem to be the only solutions to this feeling. Sometimes my stomach clenches, but rarely. I thought it might be the heat, as a/c helps a little, but not a lot, and rehydration should help, but isn't really.

I'm sorry to bitch without anything else.

I've been helping Erin and faboo move into their new apartment. I've also had other motives, I admit, but whatever. Work has been worky. I've run out of samples and exchanges, and France has been mum on when I can expect more. Some very wonky errors this week, the most wonky of which I believed to be an installer's fault, but the installer was the customer and I just told him to check his connections.

Things are more bearable in the house as I have moved back downstairs to live in the apartment. I'll be paying ¼ of the usual rent, which rocks. However, I've been sleeping on beanbag chairs, which may have something to do with my shoulder oddness.

Regardless, have a lovely day.
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