Peter (xoder) wrote,

Sometimes the "right answer" is wrong

I answered false-true-true-true because I believe that employee theft is not really a "significant problem", but it is to the benefit of all the people in the jobs listed below to make it seem like it is. This is the wrong answer. Much like the author, I would never pad expense reports, as it just seems wrong. Hell, I felt guilty about leaving work early yesterday, and I still feel guilty about tossing my phonecalls home on the company bill (regardless of what my coworkers and bosses may say).

I seem to recall taking a test like this once, and I didn't get the job.

There's a time for love and there's a time for war
And there's a time for looting guns from the liquor store
There's a time for revolution, Thomas Jefferson said that
There's a time for playing by the rules and a time to cork your bat
Dan Bern, "Sammy's Bat"
Tags: complaining, politics
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