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What you get when you ask for it

So, I mentioned a desire to see Cimetière du Père Lachaise to one of my co-workers, but couldn't because it closes at 17h30, and work doesn't end until 18h. He suggested I just ask to be let out early. The boss said OK and I got out at 15h30. My co-worker suggests it was because the boss doesn't feel so confident with his English. I don't really care why, just that I got to go.

So, that cemetary has to be the most non-Euclidean space I've ever wandered into. I had a map, but it was almost like I didn't. I accidentally arrived at Chopin's grave. I still feel like I barely was able to find Jim Morrison's. I managed to head back to my entrance while trying to get to the complete other side of the place. I think I found some Holocaust memorials. I think. I definately found the memorial for the people killed at the end of the Paris Commune. That was one of my intended destinations, as I did a report on the thing in 10th grade.

I was apparently still messed up geolocationally upon exit from the place, as I had to walk for over 30 minutes to find a different subway line than the one I wanted, but I was able to make due.

So I rode from there out to Champs-Elysées and walked to the Arc de Triomphe, took some photos and left. I was rather tired, and quite hot. So here I am now.

For this batch of photos, I'm only going to leave a comment on the ones from famous people (from the Cemetary, at least). If you have any questions about them, please comment.

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