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Strange habits and methods of the French, part 1 of n

  • Eat their French Fries with a fork
  • Be willing to pay 3€ for a Big Mac
  • Shake everyone's hand upon entrance to the office every morning
  • Be extremely frank (is that where that word came from?) about racial/sexual prejudices
  • I'd estimate that about 50% of men are casual smokers, and about 15% are full-on addicted, although that's using an extremely small sample size
  • Are as likely to ogle as teenage boys (I can only speak for the men, as there are no women in tech support back here)
  • Are incredibly inattentive about physical security. I was able to shoulder-surf the passkey to get into the office. As a matter of fact, no one has told me what it is, nor have I asked. I guess they just assume I ring the bell or something.
  • Seem to treat Country music with the same disregard as most Americans North of the Mason-Dixon do
  • Are much more multi-lingual than your average American. There are two full-time tech support guys and they provide service in French, English, German, Danish, and Spanish. (Granted, that's together, separately they each only have three languages.
So there
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