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"I look to the skys and I realize...."

Okay, you may have noticed that my past few entries have been friends only. Sorry to all my non-LJ-user friends. That has been fixed.

You can't be friends with everyone

A mantra I should have adopted a long time ago.
So, to mod demod demon, no I wouldn't like to suck your balls, so stop offering with every away message.
To those who would like to accuse me of something, go fuck yourself, since he's the only one you feel you can trust with the act.

But it's all cool. I'll be fine, and I will turn the other cheek
Show good spirit, get up and do the next move stronger

You don't like me, fine! Just don't expect me to grovel at your feet about it. All of you, any of you. You have a problem with me? Fine. Tell me about it, and get out of my face. Because I don't care. I am who I am. You cannot stop me, and if you try, I will only beat you worse.

You see, y'all have done a good thing. You awoke the sleeping giant in me. A drive to succeed at all the things you say I can't do. To know in my heart, mind and soul that what I know is infinitely more important than anything you say or do.

I said it before and I'll say it again:
Go fuck yourself

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