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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
(22:29:10) Melissa: " I think we have a responsibility to our… 
14th-May-2005 10:34 pm
(22:29:10) Melissa: " I think we have a responsibility to our adolescents to acknowledge and allow this burgeoning sexuality; teaching children that sex is somehow this improper and dirty act that can only be validated when you conduct it with someone you're married to (or at least love) is cheating them of a rightful enjoyment of what God gave us all. Jesus, people, its just sex. Its not nuclear war."
(22:31:48) Me: mmmm
(22:31:56) Me: NUCLEAR WAR SEX
(22:31:59) Me: I have found my calling!
(22:32:08) Melissa: um....Peter...?
(22:32:12) Me: what?
(22:32:17) Melissa: *laughs*
(22:32:27) Me: It would be the greatest performance art evar
(22:32:30) Melissa: I think that'd be a little difficult
(22:32:33) Melissa: lol
(22:32:36) Melissa: oh, man.
(22:32:37) Me: two sub-critical masses
(22:32:43) Me: one yonic, one phallic
(22:32:51) Me: bring them together on stage!
(22:32:56) Me: and watch the fireworks
(22:33:03) Melissa: and die
(22:33:06) Me: well, yes
15th-May-2005 02:47 am (UTC)
that sounds like the awesomest concept ever.
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