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Yes, I am lazy

[01:13:29] Xoder83: heyo!
[01:13:35] atroposmoirae: hiya :) how are you?
[01:13:39] Xoder83: kayo!
[01:13:41] Xoder83: you?
[01:13:50] atroposmoirae: I'm doing okay. :) What's up?
[01:14:09] Xoder83: planning to have a relaxing night tonight
[01:14:12] Xoder83: unlike last night
[01:14:15] Xoder83: which was fun
[01:14:34] atroposmoirae: Good. :)
[01:14:36] atroposmoirae: What did ya do?
[01:15:03] Xoder83: around 3, John (next door neighbor) comes back, slightly high, and very hungry
[01:15:09] Xoder83: he says "Lets go to IHOP"
[01:15:19] Xoder83: lots of us (7 in total) say, "Great Idea!"
[01:15:43] atroposmoirae: :-)
[01:15:45] Xoder83: so we pile into my roomate's car, one of us in the trunk, and drive off to IHOP
[01:15:57] Xoder83: but IHOP is closed at 3:30 in the morning
[01:16:02] Xoder83: but we keep on driving
[01:16:34] Xoder83: and we find Denny's
[01:16:44] Xoder83: which is open at 3:30 in the morning
[01:16:48] atroposmoirae: Yay, Denny's :) That's where we always go in the middle of the night too. :)
[01:17:18] Xoder83: so we have some denny's, pay and head back
[01:17:28] Xoder83: this time, a different kid, Ben, is in the trunk
[01:18:34] Xoder83: we get to the parking lot back here at RIT, and the kid doesn't respond to the banging we're giving the back of the car
[01:18:58] Xoder83: so we're like, "fuck, I hope he's okay"
[01:19:23] Xoder83: and we open the trunk, and he's asleep
[01:19:32] Xoder83: He says, "it was so dark in there..."
[01:20:15] atroposmoirae: hehe
[01:20:26] atroposmoirae: Did you have to ride in the trunk at all?
[01:20:31] atroposmoirae: Probably not being really tall like you are, right? :)
[01:20:35] Xoder83: Yah
[01:20:38] Xoder83: no trunk for me
[01:20:41] atroposmoirae: Lucky you. :)
[01:20:52] atroposmoirae: I bet if there were ever a trunk-rider in our endeavors, it would be me.
[01:21:00] atroposmoirae: Being all of 5'3" and all. :)
[01:21:04] Xoder83: ah, but the story's not done yet ;-)
[01:21:04] atroposmoirae: I'm glad you had such a good time! :)
[01:21:09] atroposmoirae: Ohh, okay, continue. ;)
[01:21:29] Xoder83: so it's 5:30, and I'm back in bed
[01:21:51] Xoder83: and this is interesting because I have to wake up at 10 to meet my photographer for an article
[01:22:07] Xoder83: so I go, I interview a few peple and call it done
[01:22:13] Xoder83: go back to bed untill...
[01:22:15] Xoder83: like 3
[01:22:27] Xoder83: when my editor calls and asks me for the copy
[01:22:35] Xoder83: so I'm well rested
[01:22:39] Xoder83: and I handed in my assignment
[01:22:41] Xoder83: so its all good!
[01:22:51] atroposmoirae: :) Good! :)
[01:23:15] Xoder83: and now I will put this in my LJ, so I don't have to rewrite it :)
[01:23:24] atroposmoirae: hehe lazy :-P
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