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Dreamlog: walking home on the BQE

So we're walking along the BQE. It's me, caffeniatrixx, shoujo_mallet, and one other—I want to say faboo, but I really don't know. We walk up the Kosciuszko bridge, and along the top bit we see approximately six kids just sitting there. Its very late, so there are no cars, and we are just walking on the road bit. Some of the kids are hanging along the outside of the railing. We didn't know what to do, so we didn't get involved, and kept walking. We were thinking about calling 911, but I don't remember if we did. Then we start walking down the Brooklyn side of the bridge. I'm terrified by the height and the slope. I walk carefully down along the dividing line (which is a rope, for some reason). A cop is driving up the road we are walking down on, and we signal him to stop. I ask if he's there for the kids, he says yes, and I tell him to not let us stop him. We continue down the hill, and there is a couple that is lost. A cop standing on a sidewalk in the median tells them that they need to come over there to get on the subway. I think it would be nice to get on the subway at this point.

[End Dream]
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