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Hey, look, a non-meme personal post. What the fuck? How'd this get in here?

I've been down lately. In fact, save the trip to NYC, I failed to have any kind of a sunny disposition lately. caffeinatrixx has her own theories as to why I've been this way, and its the one thing I feared she thought it would be—which it isn't.

I've been craving snuggles, but it's not really what I need. I can tell because when I get the snuggles, I want kisses, touches, and sex. Which is not constructive, since I know it won't work. So really, I'm just down. And I don't know why.

faboo thinks its Senior Design and my roommates. But I don't think it's that either.

In other news, I picked up Cube, and killed things. Well, OK, I got killed a lot.

Sorry to all for being an insufferable git.

Oh, and I will be co-opping in NYC starting Summer Quarter. Contact me privately if you want to know where (I got burned last time I mentioned where I worked in here: too high of a GoogleRank gets me extra tech support calls). It's tech support again. It's Bluetooth® again.

Wow, this would have been longer, and even more useless. Sorry.
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