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We redesigned the room again. Any real-live RIT people who want to see the new and improved room can come on by. I'm back up and lofted, but I'll survive. Anyways, I wasn't gettting any real use out of the lowered bed. Its very sad.
But I'm used to it. And I'm working on it.

Anyways. Good Will Hunting is playing in the lower right-hand corner. I still haven't seen the movie all the way through. I'll do my best to remedy that.

Grr... I had to help others with Physics webassign. I've missed part of the movie again.
But its nice to help people.
Thats why I want the RA job. To help.
But I'm afraid. But mostly afraid of things that won't matter unless I get the job. So I'll wait to be concerned.

Anyways... I think I should get back to watching TV.


P.S. Will, congrats on E-i-C position.
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