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Heat is a problem

I do believe I need an additional case fan and should consider reseating my chip fan (I'm relatively inexperienced with the latter. My first chipfan had a stickem of thermal goo, and this time I put it on myself).

As this morning I had my 2nd spontaneous reboot in as many days. Coming back to the CPU temp of 52.5 °C under no load was also suspicious. I've opened my window, but it doesn't seem to help much. It also doesn't seem fair to freeze the apartment for the sake of my computer. On the other hand, my computer is my computer. Never mind, I just turned on the A/C, and hopefully the temp will fall.

For reseating the chip fan, anyone out there experienced with that and willing to lend a hand?

Edit: Temporary fix: Open the case. MoBo temp has dropped a degree, and CPU has dropped 3 (to 50)
This is a bad solution.

Edit2: Going to CompUSA with faboo after class. Putting the case back together was dramatic: 1.5°C in ~2 minutes. Now ~3 minutes and up 2.5°.
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