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Yes, I know I took a long time to get to a substantial entry.
Yes, I know I shouldn't be writing this now.
Yes, yes, yes!

Its been busy, with the homework, and the articles, and the RA app. I now have to revise an article that I was assigned for this week's issue. Obviously, it isn't coming out this week. Its just annoying that I have to go over it again. But its good to try and get it right, I suppose.

Have you noticed that time's been speeding up? Monday was just seconds ago, New Years, just a week back? I've been thinking about this a lot. I've been wondering where my time is going. I want to know what it is I want. I want to know why I keep going, even though I know, in the deep dark reptilian section of my brain, that life is accidental; that all we are here for is to be born, consume resources, mate, and die. And my reptilian brain asks, "why do you keep going? Your genes are bad for the species. You have a gadzillion recessed-trait diseases waiting for the wrong gamete to come along. You have allergies, asthma, a previous history of seizure. You're lanky, accident-prone and unsociable. Give it up and let more robust ones carry on the species forward."

And I say, "Given all that -- that life is accidental, that we are just god's big fuckup, assuming that the god we created in our image is anything like the dice that are played with the universe from instant to instant. There's more to us. Even if my genes are flawed, medicine can fix any children I may have. Even if I'm lanky and accident-prone, I can train to make my body and mind become closer to one. And people in a group are dumb, a person is smart. Believe in individuals. Believe in their power of choice, the ultimate power of the universe. We can choose to accept Darwin, and die out, for we have long outlasted our time here on Earth, as we are today. Or we can get out there, think of new ways of being. New places. New ideas. These things will not become human, rather humanity will move to adapt to them, and not the other way around. This is the only way we can survive.
"Oh, and mister reptillian brain, whether or not I ever get laid is none of your concern."

But what is spirit? Spirit is our power of choice applied. When we use our power of choice to continue forward, despite our failings... that is spirit. Continuity itself.
Mind Body and Spirit.

Holy shit, where did that come from?

I hope that was substantial enough for those of you who care about substance. Meaning me. It'll do

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