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Dreamlog: Party with singing

I was at a party. It was a gathering in a park, daytime. There were various activities, including a cappella sing-alongs, and for some reason I thought BCS and 8-beat Measure were there, among others. I was interested in singing one of the songs, so I came in as a bass, and they invited me into a circle.

After that I had to go somewhere else, but I returned on my rollerblades at night. But the park was on a hill, and I couldn't stop using my heel-brake, so I turned into a side-stop, which should only work on ice. This gets me to stop, but then I go backwards a little before recovering and going into the park. All the while, I have this Dave Matthews Band song stuck in my head, "Ants Marching".


Then I'm at a non-descript lake-like area (there's a large shed off to one side). I'm involved in a competition with people from Packer Day Camp and Tor. A question is asked, you have to swim to one end of the lake, grab the correct answer from the overhanging wire, and swim back. The first team back with the correct answer wins. [Anyone recognize this game? I can't quite place it, but its very familiar.] I was a detached observer at this point, following the last two competitors from an above 3/4 angle, much like how swimming is shot in the Olympics. One is swimming crawl stroke, grabs an answer and turns around. The other person swam down with fly, and is actually two people, and they grab a different answer, and look dejected on the wall. Then they realize the other team got a different answer than they did, so they return back.

END Dream
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