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Dreamlog: Fighting with Bill Gates in the Mall

So, I'm at a mall with several friends. This mall's central attraction was a long conveyor belt that was used to melt chocolate or do weird things with the gelly candy.

We end up in some kind of science store, and all of a sudden, Bill Gates slides in on some supporting lines so he can fly about. He asks if anyone is willing to challenge him. I stand at the other side of the store with my hands up. He jumps at me, I easily block him and step in. This repeats a few times, and then I kick at him, but I am tackled by his second in command (a smaller and better-looking Steve Ballmer). We move off into a corner, where I subdue him on the floor as the cops move in. For whatever reason, I felt an obligation to not get him in trouble, so I held him off in the corner.

We walk out, he runs away. I go see the cops booking three people. Bill, some other kid, and this like 15-y.o. black kid. I scream at them, "He had nothing to do with this! Which one of you's the racist?!"

I return to my friends. One of them made something out of gelly letters that is an anagram that implies I'll never get a job at MS.

The rest of the dream I spend melting chocolate with friends.

End Dream
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