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Dreamlog: Dentist and police

I was going to the dentist. That was done, but then I had to go home, which for some reason took me through a police station. I was stopped and booked. I asked the arresting officer what he was going to charge me with and he said, "I ain't gotta charge you with nothin', kid, just book ya'." Fast forward. I'm getting out of the station, I ask, where's my jacket at. I'm lead into a cluttered office by the little lady officer. This older guy asks me to sit down and makes some small talk. He explains that the state has a "Radialert" system for collecting information on suspects by pointing to a screen with "Radialert" on it. I'm still confused as the sign fades into video, which I recognize as Chris' foot and him pushing what I've always known as a push-popper. Cut to him in a bathroom much like my second floor one at home, but with a metal toilet allowing me to see him. I realize the video was taken from his camera phone. I ask, "What has he done this time?" and then corrected myself with, "What is he accused of this time?" He sits down to use the toilet and my alarm goes off.
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