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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
Based on what one of my Film as Lit group members said. 
30th-Jan-2005 07:09 pm
Poll #427973 Personality Flaws

What is my worst (and/or most annoying) personality flaw?

Talks too much
Other (aka lack of self-knowledge)


And what should I do (if anything) about it?

"You know, and don't take this the wrong way, but I think that you should have one night of drinking and drugs and women"
"I think pot would be good for you — help you relax"
31st-Jan-2005 01:25 am (UTC) - ok, this isn't very helpful but:
I'm not sure drugs would do you any good. I'm more uptight than you and right now I couldn't pass a drug test. I've always liked drugs as an enhancement to life but when I use them to solve problems, especially personality issues, I always end up worse.

I think the "one night" part of his statement was the most interesting. One night of anything is generally fun, deceptively so. I've had a lot of one nights that I enjoyed greatly and were harmless, but when I tried to pursue it again it didn't turn out so good.

It's a bit like going along shopping for shit with some heavy user. You meet his dealer and you get good shit cause they have a relationship. You have a great night with them; he probably knows the town. You come back the next day all smiles and get some awful shit. You go to the bar you went to last night with the guy, but no one knows you.


I love you, Peter. If you ever decide to try something, please be careful.
31st-Jan-2005 09:06 am (UTC) - Re: ok, this isn't very helpful but:
I second most of that. though, the province of my experience is largely alcohol (oh, and when I say largely...), it's safe to say that getting shit-faced isn't something you really need to do more than once.

(what don't I second? well, I find that getting a little drunk makes debugging less of a pain and more of personal challenge, which I think falls under the category of "solving problems", even though I've gotten rather good at it)

(somehow, I've gotten my headphone chord stuck in my shirt, and I can't get it out)
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