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Something to do...

I dunno why I'm writing this. I got about ten minutes before I have to go to class. I've decided to never again play Red Faction before any class.. that means between classes as well. Ah well, we did come here to learn and sleep.
I wonder how everyone back home is doing. Sometimes I get phone calls, or make them, or have IMs. From what I hear, the simple fact that, for my underclassmen (then) friends, we were mostly seniors, is that now there's no one left for the train ride home. Sorry guys. ::HUGS::

Anyways, back to no topic. Going into town today to try to find that RPG shop. Wish me luck to not spend my whole checking account.

Five minutes before class. And still nothing to talk about.

Ah well, I guess I might as well send this up.

posting in 3

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