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Dreamlog: Mystery in the Mountains

So, scene opens to a whole bunch (maybe 8, tops) of people I don't know. They're soldiers, lookin' kinda like they're out of Stargate SG-1 for some reason. They're stopped by another group of soldiers, who look very familiar, but their camo's more grey. All I know at this point is that only one from the first group survives, and she hires me as a private eye to figure it all out.

We go into the countryside, and I don't recognize the landscape. The land that the incident happened on is owned by this guy who's about 45 but had a hard life for some reason, which I largely discover later. He's got a spare cabin that he rents to us. There are weird goings on in the woods at night, lighted fogs, etc. We find some people using time machines that generate the fog. We destroy the machines and kill the people. We find the scientist who created them — his name is Venkman (like as in Ghostbusters and the Mozilla JavaScript debugger). He's very short and bald. Sometimes he wears a weird hat/helmet over his head that makes it look like his brain's not there, just under glass. We realize that we have to destroy his last time machine, so we do, but Venkman tells us that its just a matter of time before someone else comes up with what he's done. He screams at me to check out the peak of Mad Mountain 1 to find the answer to the mystery. He kills himself somehow. At some point during all this the lady who hired me died.

Day rises. The guy who's renting the cabin comes out with some kind of gun that has that weird horn-tip to it. It fires these slow rocket-propelled pellets which don't hurt. I know this because he ends up shooting twice with it, screaming at me, and calling me Venkman. He calms down again, as though nothing has happened, and gets ready for work and agrees to take me to Mad Mountain 1 after work. I follow him to work. He walks to this pool and apparently works behind the desk at this indoor pool, giving out towels, etc.

End Dream
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