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Assuming that the length of 6 in. and girth of 5.75 in. was supplied in good faith, your penis ranks as follows:
Length: 50th percentile
Girth: 93rd percentile

Find your penis percentile

It's amazing what you'll find on Slashdot.

In other news, shoujo_mallet and I went to Boston on Monday and Tuesday. It was awesome. We saw the Museum of Bad Art, the Museum of Science, and walked around a lot in the cold. It was all great. I wish that I could properly convey my satisfaction with the days, but alas, I am not that kind of writer. I am a writer who is much better at bitching. But I'm not in that kind of mood, so whatever.

Today Dad fixed the fax machine by flipping it over (it got jammed up by the bits of Xmas tree as it came in through the back door. Dad and myself finally fixed the printer by forcing all the pieces into their default positions. And tomorrow, when Dad goes to Staples, he will attempt to purchase a new battery for the cordless phone. Everything is getting fixed, and this is a very good thing.

Soon I will return to Rochester. This is also a good thing.
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