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so... very... tired
might... pass... out... to... sound... of... "sssssssssssss"

I got extra sleep too, Brittany, i think its more of a cycle thingie. There are cycles... alpha, beta, rem, beta, alpha. If you wake up in REM or in beta, i think you are very very tired when you do so. Everybody goes through several of these cycles a night. Its best to get a whole number multiple of these cycles. If you don't, you threaten to throw off your circadian rhythms (aka get tired).

I love sleep science... its so dreamy....

Oh, and if anyone knows what in the hell is coming out of my fingers right now, then you are far more awake than I am.

Oh, for your interest: No, Jeff isn't trying to get himself killed by SG...
I will post more about it later, but next week's editorial will explain all....

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