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I should post...
I really should post.
Its just been rather boring today and I'm tired anyways.

I mean, I gave TKD class just now, so I'm a bit sleepy.

Interesting fact: class participation can be harmful to your grade.
"Mr. G -- I was surprised at this exam, given your insightful contributions in class -- is it fair to assume that the merely pro forma quality of this exam had something to do with an inordinate demand on your time and mind from other courses? B"

This was my grade on my Viking Myth and Saga take-home.
GRRR... And I like that class!

Speaking of grades.... I just found out that if miracles do not ocurr soon, I will get a D in calc IV. Goddamn. Bautista's not such a bad guy, but his teaching/hw style doesn't mesh with my learning/hw style. Mainly, its too much HW given without enforcement. Therefore, I don't do it, assuming that he'll cover it in class. Which happens, sometimes. Ah well, I won't be the first honors student with a W if I withdraw. The APs gave me a huge head start, its okay if I lag back once.

This intro to DS class is so fucking elementary! I'm frustrated getting nitpicked on stupid stuff I learned last year and the year before.

And another thing, what the HELL happened to all the free time I had last quarter?

I still have to work on that RA application. What a bitch! Seagate hasn't called me back yet, but it hasn't been a week yet, either. The summer number's box is checked weekly. If I don't get a callback by thursday or so, I think I have a prof I can go to.


I still feel like I interfere with the lives of those who come in contact with me.
Its annoying. Why can't I feel like I add something to society?

Anyways, another inane lab assignment done. :-P

I wanna go do something..........................
No one wants to do anything wtih me.............
Why do I try to be a social creature? I should just goto bed and not get out for a few days. No one will notice. Except for my Viking prof, she'll notice my papers and participation have sunk to the same level.

I want more than my share. To have it would be unfair, so I will take none, and allow others a bigger piece of the pie.

Where in the fuck is this coming from? I was moderately annoyed, but not morose like I am now.

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