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Link post (so i may finally close tabs)

The Insurgent, a delightful 101-word story with a plot twist of the sort that only ultra-short fiction can bring. They come in daily on the anacrustis syndicated feed, check my userinfo.

Pure Postscript Barcode Writer, need I say more?

Aliens came and fucked the monkey, shame they couldn't have given these folks brains.

Deja vu all over again

Someone else linked to this Matrix parody, but I feel it deserves more exposure.

This post on autologic words got me interested in learning e-prime again.

Large numbers fascinate me.

Google thinks these pages have some relation to me.

Portage for Slackware?

Warning: possible NSFW content ahead

Second-grader prohibited from talking about his two mothers.

The headline, "You need a Note From Your Parents to be Gay in Utah" pretty much says it all.

Abstinence-only education promotes dangerous ignorance.

Why do you hate America's books, legislator?

This marks the end of the NSFW content, although the next link has a NSFW ad or two

Jesus' message of infinate acceptance ruled too contriversial for TV

The dumbasses don't want to legalize it, nor will they reschedule it, and I don't even use it!
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