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I have decided to take on the challenge of writing more stuff in e-prime. I have many reasons for this, including the fact that e-prime finds itself popular in both Discordian circles and among the founders of the movement.

E-prime has the goal of removing all forms of "to be" from English. One can shorten English-Prime to e-prime, as I have done. An automatic e-prime compliance tester exists.

Many non-Discordians take on the challenge of e-prime to force themselves to use only declarative and active sentances.

During this transition period, as I begin to use the language in IM and LJ, please have patience with my awkward syntax, as I need to relearn non-"to be"-based words and constructs.

I will achieve the fully active voice. I have this simple goal.

[I have validated the above text as compliant with the e-prime standards and precepts.]
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