Peter (xoder) wrote,

Phone Post: [incomplete transcript; please build on me]

1000K 4:58
“So yeah, I've been a bit too busy to post the details of what's been going on lately, so I'll just start with Saturday, and continue up to now.

On Saturday, I - not Saturday, on Friday - I flew down into New York, and my Dad picks me up, and he seems a little, uh, addled. *mumble* the car apparently for the first time, in the 12 years he's owned the car. The... the thermostat gague has gone over half way. We take the conduit at *soemthing* Avenue to get back home, stopping along the way at a Bodega(?) to pick up a gallon of water to refill the tank... of antifreeze, since it's been boiling over for the past while. Ah, we had to do that twice, in face, once at the inersection of the conduit and *somehting* avenue, and once at the intersection of *something* and Court.

But anyways. So, we got home *mumble mumble mumble*... [Sorry, premature end of file - I only got the first ~250k]”

Transcribed by: codepoet
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