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I haven't made any posts about the election since the general benediction to vote (that I kinda accidentally turned into "chuck out the chimp" line)

So, rather than even try to write one, here's a transcript from the News Hour (PBS), where it is agreed that religion played a big role in Bush's victory.

And to lighten the mood (via MeFi): 20 Reasons You Shouldn't Post Your Picture on the Internet.

And I've said it elswhere, but I really want to know what in the fuck drives us to need our election results so bloody quickly. Really, nobody has any business saying anything until 100% of votes are counted. 100% of all precincts, 100% of all absentee, 100% of all military. At most, we'd have to wait a week for the national results. Jesus Fucking Christ On A Pogo Stick, people, learn some patience.
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