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Your LJ Friends list Superlatives by glass_grenade
Most likely to drool on you:kitty_trie
Most likely to eat your soul for breakfast:rainbowboicmu
Most likely to hump your leg:alleyoop
Most likely to dominate you:b55b55
Most likely to love an anime character:calieber
Most likely to hug a penis:adamfletcher
Biggest jerk:summerific
Nicest boobs:alexatrit
Most likely to give you a llama for your birthday:scooby2273
Most likely to give you a random lap dance:frank
Most likely to eat a gallon of cream cheese:zsparke
Quiz created with MemeGen!

So my system automagically works again. I think its probably due to some slight disk corruption in some weird place that only acts up after a lot of disk access, so I'll listen to streams from here on until I get a new system.

The hot water is back. Hot showers are a delightful luxury.

My mechatronics lab group cancelled on me again, but I need to do some work anyways, so that's what I'll do until I head over to opheliaspins' with ricewrites for Halloween-y goodness. Or something. I know next to no one who'll be there, and Danica knows no one, so we'll see how that goes. But there will be food and silliness (and maybe I can play with Rebecca's yarn again (nothing dirty there, she just loves to knit, and yarn is so nice and soft and squishy and fuzzy and yay!)).

And I have had renewed faith in the Board of Elections for the City of New York (and in particular, the Brooklyn Board of Elections). I finally got the information yesterday that, while my Primary application had been received, the General one had not. So I played some phone tag for a while, and the lady at the other end said she'd express mail me the ballot, and as long as I had it postmarked by Monday, it would all work out. And the ballot was just slipped under my door. Yay!

And now I go to work (or I get dressed, whichever comes first). Oh, and I vote, and get the postmark from the post office tomorrow. Who wants to drive me?
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