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Long time no post (take... how many was it again?)

Hi all...

I do so apollogise for the past few entries. It just happens like this sometimes.

Good News
I finished my work for this week
Bad News
I have next week to consider

So... lets see... any important details?

Kim says in her new website, Chronocube is highly entertaining.
Nugget of wisdom from kim's site:
There are some things that going to college can make you give up, but the best thing, by far is your virginity

GETLAIDALOT-- It's better that sleep and restores your sanity.

Or so she says. Not a concern for me... not like its ever gonna happen.. but then again, we've all heard that argument before, and I think I'm gonna let it be lying flat.

On the other hand, a previous "target," one that I had not gone up to and asked directly, thank goodness, seems to be at least treating me nicely and wanting to spend time with me. On the other other hand, we don't see each other often. ::Shrug:: No active pursuits until spring quarter, I promised myself, and so it will be.

Sorry for taking too long to post tonite... I was talking with ppl. I was trying to be helpful, and apparently I helped one of them.

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