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Looking at my most recent entries, I have determined that I should really just

shut up

The crap I'm writing is both unfeasable and idiotic in nature. I should really just stop worrying and get on with annoying people as usual. Annoying people tends to be one of my strengths, maybe I should just build on that.

Or maybe I should just stop bothering myself with worrying unduly about things that happen. Its not like any of these problems are particularly troublesome. I know that now, looking back at what I thought were my biggest problems in my youth, they all seem so trite and unimportant now. This will happen eventually to these problems and stupidities that I'm having now.

Crap, Bautista just got here, and I can't decide whether or not to stop updating and start paying attention.
No one has homework questions, probably because no one did the homework. Ahh, people after my own heart.

Doing "Interpretations of the Derivitve of a Vector-Valued Function." I guess I should go...

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