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I'm soooo stupid

Its sad when....
.. "I wish you were here" comes on shoutcast, and all you can think of is that LJ's down.

I've noticed that I'm becoming less and less competant as the days go by.
Example 1: The plane tickets I used to get back to Rochester this time. I messed them up many times. First, I got round trip, when I only needed one way. Then yesterday, I got to the airport and found out I bought my tickets for SATURDAY. Note that yesterday was SUNDAY. So I had to get new tickets at the check-in desk to cover for my stupidity.
Example 2: Last night, I hurt b55b55 again. I can't even control my stupid body, I'm so incompetant.
Example 3: I forgot to do my Intro to Digital Systems Homework, so I did it instead of lunch today.
Example 4: I have a tremendous amount of work due the first half of this week, including, (but probably not limited to) an article on RA's for Reporter, a prelab for intro to ds, Summary on Vikings! #4 for Viking myth and saga.
Example 5: And even with all that to do, I'm still writing into an LJ that probably cannot hear me as I write this at 8:06pm

i'm fucked,
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