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YDKJ Rules!!

I got both Bob and [roomie]Bill addicted to You Don't Know Jack: the Ride!! NOW I CAN PLAY ALL THE TIME!!!


And, of course, you know, this means I kick their asses. But its fun, anyways.

Silly humans are everywhere.

Four of them are me.

If you understood that, then you talk to me WAAAY too much.

ladyravn was feeling gloomy earlier today, and I'm shocked on the subject matter. Things must be really going weird for her to be depressed about it. If you want to know, check my friends page for today... or the above link as Ed just astutely pointed out. No need to force it upon everyone.
Funny thing regarding that, its usually me obsessing over such things and her not caring... how weird to be reversed.

I should get going.. I mean come on, how many fewer things do I have to do at 11:30 at night?


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