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Dreamlog: Giant cats

So I'm walking down Court Street (near Warren Street) in brooklyn. I see a new antiques store, and on the step at the entrance there is (largely faded), "S. Lyshevski," the name of my Mechatronics prof. The entrance is closed, but there's the door right next to it that goes to the apartments. I go in (with some friends who were with me, but I don't remember who they are). I go upstairs and there's a pair of giant elevators, and someone who I thought was Lyshevski, but I realize now couldn't have been, said "Damn firefighters take forever to install elevators." I hit the down button, and after a short wait, the door opens, and a firefighter gets out, nods to Lyshevski and says, "Job's done, have a nice day," or something like that.

We go down (the friends and I, not Lyshevski) to the first floor where the store is. It looks like your usual extremely cramped antiques store. For some reason one of my friends has a little black kitten with them. We go down the elevator again. There are a small bunch of people there, like 5 or 6. This basement is insane, the ceiling is over 20 feet high, and the elevators don't have a shaft down here, they just come down into an area marked out by bricks at the corners. The basement is huge. We start talking to the people down there, and the kitten gets out of my friend's hands and starts mewling up into a shadowy area. We look at what he's looking at, and it looks kinda like a cat, but not really. We wonder aloud why the kitten's mewling and someone says, "Because big cats eat kittens." At that point, from the shadowy spot, drops down a gigantic housecat (like as big as me), and it pounces at me. It's black, and its limbs are enlongated, more human-like. I grab its head, and then one of my friends shoots it and it dies. I didn't think this was reasonable, so it reran and I ended up breaking its neck. But then it reran again and I punched it in the throat.

It reran a few more times, and then I awoke


This is the first time I remember re-running a portion of a dream until it became reasonable.
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