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Writing test and blood

Every time I have a bloody nose, and I'm standing in some bathroom somewhere, watching my lifeblood drip out into a toilet, I am reminded of the level of utmost respect I have for all you ladies out there.

The engineering writing test was ridiculous. We had to write a five paragraph essay, 250-400 words, on an article we were given. We also had to turn in a rough draft — how 7th grade! The article was about the rise of plagiarism and largely blamed it on the Internet. I was most amused by the author placing most of the blame on file-sharing. We had two hours. I would have been finished in 50 minutes, but my revision was 477 words. Spent the next 25 minutes pairing it down to 399 words. My only regret about it was that we were given the opinion we were to write.

Now, Mechatronics lab!
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