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"Like a graveyard...
... people dig me"
I smell like burning 
19th-Sep-2004 02:38 pm
So, after hearing about the gdk-pixbuf problems, I have decided to cave in and get slapt-get, because I'm wicked lazy. It looks so much like apt-get its scary. Yes, I am a lazy sysadmin. And I must give props to PSU for providing a Slackware mirror for me :-)

There was Laser Tag yesterday. It was fun. There was also Denny's. It was filling. There was lake. It was windy.

Today, there is homework. And magazine. But mostly homework. And magazine. And Pokey the Penguin references.
20th-Sep-2004 11:32 am (UTC)
i'm sowwy i didn't go!

even though you said you'd give me a massage to reinvigorate me and that i would come and tag with you!

butbut asian noodle soup was fun, was it not?
20th-Sep-2004 01:31 pm (UTC)
It was indeed
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