Peter (xoder) wrote,

More late posts

Not so much clock late, but just long time no post.

When did I last post?

Eep, so I guess I better get started on the recap!


Dec. 30
Nothing much, if I remember properly.

Dec. 31 Happy New Year
So I went to Matt's on the last day of last year. There were a bunch of really great people there, and we had fun. Slightly more advanced than our usual chicanary, but I got out before nightstalker brought the hard stuff. I had to, because of the puppy. And lets not forget, I don't drink.
But a good night overall. Gotta see some of Matt's AMVs and some good Twilight Zone episodes.
Most importantly, of course, was seeing the cool ppl, like Chloe, Vikary, Matt (of course), Kat, Richie (for a bit), Chloe's friend Yanina (incorrect spelling, I'm sure, but, its not how to write her name that's important, but instead, that she was there), Vlady, Xi (whose diaryland name I forget... grr).
That sounds about right.
Jan. 1 2002

The usual Chris b'Day party. Good stuff. The whole Carena clan couldn't make it for various reasons. Most of the absentees were at an inlaw's deathbed. Brain cancer I hear.
But the party was good. My mom's terriffic cooking strikes again! :-)

Jan. 2
Went to Laura's.
Fun shit. Got to see Royal Tennenbaums. Very good movie. I got to geek about her father's computer and shove some new RAM into it.
Good wholesome cuddling was also done.
Evil != Peter
(for those of you who don't live on a floor half-filled with CS majors, the exclamation point means "not" and is pronounced "bang")

Jan. 3
Even less than Dec. 30. Helped my dad learn some things on the comp.

End Recap

I wanna go back to RIT!!!

Ah, almost forgot!
I created a lunacon community! I was shocked that no one had made one previously! Well, now that that's done, all I need are members.

Thats about it!
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