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"If you think growing up is tough, then you're just not grown-up enough, baby."

Oh I am so pissed right now!

Apparently, a week ago the Fields II labs got moved around. This was never communicated with me. These three hour labs were moved such that they either conflict with one or two hours of my other classes (in the two-hour-conflict case, one of those hours is in Fields II itself!). This annoyance (soon-to be travesty?) was caused by the fact that the professors moved the labs themselves, without having someone like Jill looking at the schedules of everyone in the classes. So, now all the sections are closed, and I have no other options. Its after the add/drop date, and I need to either move around my other classes or move my Fields class. Either way, its icky.

Also, the Creative Arts Commision has officially refused funding yet again, for the same reason (El Presidente).

However, the Student Ombudsperson's office has stated they want to run ads with us, which is good.
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