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1337 h4x0rz?

RESNET calls me today, tells me that they think someone has hacked my computer and that I should take it down to them. Rather than accepting this, I ask what makes them think that is. Bandwidth usage. So I ask what ports it was on, 6881 (BitTorrent) or 9001-9003 and 9030-33 (tor), which are the two servers I have been running. (At this point, I check on the torrent I've been seeding for Naruto ep 100, and see that its transferred over 15GiB... time to close it.) At this point he asks what OS I'm running (Slackware 10 Linux), and he says that he'll call me back later in the day. I give him my cell as I plan to be in and out all day. Here I thought the RESNET folks were slightly intelligent (their phone is x5-2600). Apparently they misunderestimated my knowledge of my own box.

After getting off the phone, I did some portscans and netstating of my own box. All is well AFAIK. But I don't think I'll keep BT running as long as I have. And codepoet, please close your own torrents after a 2:1 ratio has been achieved.

Oh, and is there any reason whatsoever for me to be running in.identd? If not, I'm going to stop it and remove the package.

And the usual SSH attempts have been going on (as though I'd have users named "user", "test" or allow remote logins from root!). I love the internet :-P

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