Peter (xoder) wrote,

Mariel, NY Philharmonic

When I was heading back from the LIRR station, I ran into Mariel. For those of you who don't know -- and looking at my audience, that would be all of you -- Mariel went to PS 29 with me. She was a very good friend all through elementary school. We spent a lot of time at each other's houses, did the silly little kid "show-and-tell" games. If I had been thinking a little less depressively at the time, I might have considered asking her out. But then again, that was elementary school, and I didn't think about those things then. We had a quick chat. She goes to Emory now. I saw her once before (after PS 29, that is). At BxSci she came to visit a friend of mine, VJ, and happened to run into me. VJ and I were in the same Advanced Computer Literacy class, and she was there visiting.
Funny also that Emory was an EFNet server I used to frequent.
Small World.

New York Philharmonic
Went to see the Philharmonic. Nice to hear.
Midori played well.
Otherwise, uneventful, I guess.

Today: Nothin' doin'. I ran around the city looking for a place to take my (duplicate) Shrek DVD. No dice because I don't have a reciept. So to eBay with it! Unless there are RIT people willing to buy it off me.......... (Cough! codepoet Cough!)

Thats it. I really wish I could shut up a few of those other drives for awhile.... maybe more on that later, maybe

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