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First Day of Class (aka Labor Day)

So, today there was class. (By the way, I arrived safely and early in Rochester yesterday, and hung out with faboo and zsparke, culminating with a stop by Spot with plate_of_felt, Alex, and the aforementioned.)

Electromagnetic Fields II was disguised as review and slowly slipped into new material. The teacher seems good, and I've heard very good things about her, but I still dislike 8am class.

Computer Archetecture seems easy for now, however, I must not underestimate the laboratory requirements: design a 4-bit microprocessor core to be implemented in an FPGA. It is a second-year course, but that doesn't make it any easier by design.

On Saturday, on top of the joyous museum trip with shoujo_mallet (who, by the way, should call me), I picked up Dan Bern's new album, My America II. The current music is from it.

Have a lovely day,
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