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Windows ME sucks!

When I get back, I am so going to re-format that fucker to 98. For those of you who don't understand what's happening, its very simple. My comp keeps freezing when I try to go online. I think it has to do with the AOL/MSIE hook-up, but since I can't uninstall/reinstall MSIE without running AOL to get online, there's really no (or less than no) point to not reformat.

Now, when did I last update? Christmas Morning? Yes!

So its MUCH later now. What to say?

Well, I went to the Bronx for christmas day dinner. Entertaining as always.

Then on boxing day... what did I do? I helped chris at the main library (not this one). We used microfilm. Fun, really.

Yesterday Laura came over. Yes we were good boys and girls, but we did cuddle (á la my WPI compatriots). Also saw Kate and Leopold. Decent movie, if sci-fi-romantic-comedies are your thing.
I do believe I scared her a bit with the AMVs.

So here I am at my local library, being incredibly pissed that the comp only freezes when I try to do something, but if my dad goes online, its all cool.

**Grumble grumble**

So, yah, I guess I'd better get back home. We're going to see the NY philharmonic play a few things. Weird that I've seen two classical concerts in the past month, and about two or three (not counting Chris and Nicholas', of course) before then.

I'd love to keep talking, but I have two minutes of computer time left, and for some reason my dad wants me home early.

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