Peter (xoder) wrote,

Christmas Morning

So I got some cool stuff. Like the Trigun box set last night, or some neat books, like one on Anime, and another on science writing. Its neat in general.

Things have gotten worrysome, and I hope they resolve themselves soon. When I get less busy/more internet, I might post regarding it.

I'm also sick. I hate being sick. Its soooo.... ILL!!! Coughing and runny nose are my major symptoms. It started on friday with a sore throat. I home I'm better soon... I don't want to be sick for the whole vacation.

Grrrr... in general!

Have a merry and a happy. Or I hope you did. Or whatever.

I plan to have some good fun this break, which I will update y'all on as I do it.

Have some fun!!

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