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The comments meme.

I am only doing my 67 mutual friends. I am not going to do any synfeeds (sorry Venus, etc.), nor communities. The total will be less than 67 because I am bringing together people who have multiple jourmals.

Last time this made the rounds, more anonymity was requested (as in no guessing allowed), which I thought was kinda stupid and passive-agressive. Please guess. If you are right, I will tell you so. If you are wrong, I will tell you so.

  1. You: In many things you were my first. We met under very odd circumstances, but we worked around them. I worry about you sometimes, but I'm sure you'll get it all figured out in time.

  2. You: We met while I was still in elementary school. I don't even know how I found your journal, but I do know that I made a real ass out of myself when I actually contacted you. I think you were pretty put off by that showing. Regardless, I haven't seen an update of yours in a while, and I'm sure things are going well for you.

  3. You: Thank you so much for the favors you have done me. You got me into one of the best things in my life right now (no matter how much I bitch about it). I miss your reckless abandon.

  4. You: Our time of meeting was so short and stifled that we couldn't tell each other we were attracted to each other. I know things have been all kinds of upside down for you of late, but I think things are starting to look up for you, now that you finally have your priorities straight.

  5. You: We went to HS together. I hate to admit it, but I was always uncomfortable around you because I thought you were attracted to me, and, while I find you a very nice person, I never felt the same way about you as I thought you did about me. I haven't heard from you in awhile, and sometimes your journal scares me, but I think you can handle it all.

  6. You: You haven't updated in ages. I know things were going very bad for you: lost love, lost car, no job. I remember that we had our last conversation and you didn't think you'd be able to talk again for awhile because you wouldn't have money for the Internet. Your parents were assholes to you, and that contributed strongly to your state. Frankly, so did your dependance on that boy. I hope you are well, and I eagerly await hearing from you again.

  7. You: One of the first people I really connected with up here in Rochester. Also one of the first interactions I severely fucked up while I was up here. We get along well, but I'm often afraid to tell you what I really think. There was also a long time I wanted to go out with you, but now that I've had some time to reflect on it, I'm glad I didn't. We would be the wrong kind of people for each other in that kind of relationship.

  8. You: I always thought you hated me, which is why I keep getting confused when you show me some kindness. Now I think I know that you treat everybody coolly, and I just have to get used to that. I haven't seen you updating on this journal in a while, and I think you have another, but if you wanted me to know it, I'm sure you'd tell me.

  9. You: I can't figure you out most of the time. You're so odd and jovial, yet thoughtful and traditional. I generally enjoy our meetings in retrospect, although they often go awry at the time. Thanks for getting me involved with Lunacon, although I must say we travel in different circles once there.

  10. You: We went to HS together, but we became closer this past summer, I think. We get along well. We are true geeks who disagree on operating systems but can agree on anime.

  11. You: At some point you friended me (probably a common love of those Canadian Ladies), and I returned the favor. I'm glad I did because you made a post that gave me great insight into an event that I know I'll never have to go through, but many of my friends have considered. To see your entry describing it in graphic detail has stuck with me, and made the process both less and more scary than it was before.

  12. You: Wikipedia, New York, who cares what common interests we share? I've never met you, which puts you on a very short list in as far as my livejournal friends go. You're an editor in your day job, I'm an editor as a hobby. And you always have something interesting to say.

  13. You: I feel uncomfortable around you; as though I've done you a wrong. Truthfully, the pain you received was not from me, but from yourself, as it is with all affairs of the heart.

  14. You: You are interesting, and sometimes you scare me a lot. You seem to be... saner... now than you were in HS. I'm glad I know you, because you are such a loyal friend, and tons of fun to play with.

  15. You: The third of the three. We've gotten much closer in the past year (see first sentance in this statement), and we always have interesting conversations, although they always end up around sex. We're such horny bastards. At least you have your man to keep you warm and pleased.

  16. You: If I had a description of you before I met you, I probably would have said we could have never be friends. With your committment to tradition, and my commitment to iconoclasm, we should be like acid and base. But we're both diplomatic enough to let the other be "wrong", and we both share many interests. That said, I haven't been seeing a lot of you lately, and I worry that you keep yourself too busy with such affairs.

  17. You: We shared an interest. I wonder if you are still interested in it, even though you haven't partaken in many months. You amuse me, and post many nice photos of yourself and others.

  18. You: You're not going to read this, I know. I still think you're nifty, although I have to check myself around you, since I know how much you hate being poked.

  19. You: We went to HS together. You went out with another friend of mine on this list. You're a tad odd. This is okay.

  20. You: I fucked things up with you with nothing more than ill-advised words. Regardless, the time before that fuck-up was great, and the time since has been also tasty, although in a decidely less intense way.

  21. You: Yet another person I feel I wronged. In your case, I know what I did, but I know you don't really care now, so its all cool. Sometimes I wonder if you are as really into the things you claim to be into as you appear, or if its just an image you like to cultivate. (Or perhaps, you believe that the image we show the world slowly becomes ourselves.)

  22. You: You're an interesting beast. You recently made a decision that I cannot understand, but if you're happy with it, then so be it.

  23. You: I love you, man. We talk and we talk, and its great! You helped to convince me that the move to Linux wouldn't be that painful, and I still ask you for tech support more often than I should. You support me in my favorite physical activity, and you do me many other favors. One of my other friends thought I was sucking your cock.

  24. You: You claimed to quit LJ, and it seems you've kept up with that promise. I doubt you've even thought about me since then. We met through GDT.

  25. You: You're incredibly sexy, but unattainable. That's okay. I've seen you naked anyways. You're also dangerously cute. I politely request that you do not use your powers for evil.

  26. You: Mostly I added you because you added me, and were on many of my friends' lists. You don't post often, but when you do it often gives me some insight into a kind of lifestyle I may find myself in a few years down the road. Thanks.

  27. You: I don't know you too well, but we worked well on an article once, and that's all that really matters, right?

  28. You: Tiny! So Tiny! And so amusing. And pretty. But I would never want to be on the other side of your rage.

  29. You: You owe me a blow job, although at this point, I think I'll stop expecting it. You are good for the hugging, and nice to talk to. I'm glad we met in HS.

  30. You: I'm glad we're still on such good terms, even after so many years. And I really don't have anything else to say to you. Thank you for putting up with me through HS, and for telling me such interesting stories through college (the topless webcamming was also fun).

  31. You: Sometimes you frighten me. It has to do with a lot of things, but mostly that I fear that you have feelings for me that are much more intense than my feelings about you.

  32. You: You know, I have no idea why you're on my friends list, nor do I remember when you last posted. Really, I don't even have a clue as to who you are anymore.

  33. You: We went to HS together, but only got close when you came up to my college. We're still not all that close, but I still love it when you use me for pole dancing.

  34. You: You are uncircumsized. Thousands of people know this. It amuses the fuck out of me.

  35. You: I knew you through rit, but never really got to know you. I know you're into the local music scene and running. We actually met once at a mutual friend's party. Frankly, I was trying to get with her, and I'm sure she knows that by now.

  36. You: A friend of mine loves you very much. I fear he is dependent on you. Please don't hurt him. Insofar as me: you are beautiful and tons of fun to snuggle.

  37. You: I met you through one of your co-workers at the time. She and I were going out. You don't post much.

  38. You: You like Hanson. I forgive you anyways ;-). But seriously, I don't know too much about you, but I guess that's okay. It sounds like you're really coming into your own — congratulations!

  39. You: A real nice guy when I got to know you. That's just about it.

  40. You: You owe me a lunch date. You are tiny and we kinda messed around in HS. I miss you very much. You were very positive and energetic in HS, and then something traumatic happenend and you became very sullen. I think you're returning to your old self, with the benefit of wisdom.

  41. You: Many of my friends are put off by you. I really don't know why. You seem okay to me.

  42. You: I always told you you were beautiful, and that someone would notice that. Someone just did, and you two seem really happy. I'm glad for that! I've perhaps treated you unfairly in the past. You've perhaps overreacted to some of it. Let's just call it even, okay?

  43. You: I met you through a mutual friend. You're pretty cool, although I rarely get to see you. We should watch Naruto together sometime, or something.

  44. You: I don't know too much about you, per se, but I'm sure you know more than you want to about me. You can blame your sister for that.

  45. You: I'm sure we've had our ups and downs. Much of the time I fear you hold the downs against me, while forgetting the good ones. Could you please swap those two around? I fear you may be too dependent on your significant other. I think it stifles them a little, and I think it weakens you. Go out and do something on your own more often, hell, you might actually like it.

  46. You: I don't really know what to say about you. I'm glad things are working out for you where you are now, and I thank you and your boyfriend for helping me to get the housing I currently have. And now that I've given the game up, :-P

  47. You: Well, of course I love you, who doesn't? I know that I came on too strong in the past, and I hope we can return to the cuddling without the overtones.

  48. You: We've been in some classes together. You're out in the real world now. I wish you the best!

  49. You: I worry for your safety sometimes. Although I think I'd like to take a ride in your car, since it sounds like you have a ton of fun in it. Stay alive dude, death solves nothing.

  50. You: I've never meant you any harm or disrespect. We work on "different sides of the aisle" now, although we used to work together, and maybe in the fall, we can work together again.

  51. You: I heard your LJ got bought by Comedy Central. Hope Colorado's treating you well (as if you even know who I am!).

  52. You: Met you at a meetup. I have no idea where you are now, and I bet you don't even read this anymore. We never had much in common anyways.

  53. You: You haven't posted in awhile. I saw you recently, and things seem to be going quite well for you. Excellent. I wonder if you still play Snood.

  54. You: Gamer geek! I don't really have anything else to say to you except thanks for being there for me. Oh, and you should really try to move on from that girl you're stuck on.

  55. You: I love you very much. I miss you greatly and cannot wait to see you again. Sometimes I'm afraid that if I wasn't in your life, it would return to the bad situation it was in before. I have faith that wont happen, but I have been wrong before. You think I am unique, but I think I am boring and normal.

  56. You: You roomed with a friend of mine when you came to RIT. You know one of my uncles.

  57. You: You're the first person who complimented my ass, "Not bad for a white boy," you said. Thank you.

  58. You: You friended me because I'm a Brooklynite, right? Except I'm not there, and now I feel like the whole thing was under fals pretenses. Hope things are going well for you down in the big city.

  59. You: You're kinder and more beautiful than you give yourself credit for. Our mutual schedules suck.

  60. You: I don't know much about you, and I guess that's okay.

  61. You: I know that things seem like they're going really poorly now, but I know you are more than strong enough to defeat this current bad time. I hope to see you soon. Hope you're keeping training.

  62. You: You have out-geeked me, sir. I bow down before your superior geekitude.

  63. You: I'm sure you know I still love you. Even so, I'm very excited for your new job prospects, and I know that you are having a lovely time. Just remember to stay in tune with yourself, even when you're reading others like a book.
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