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Knees, Freenet, RAM, New Computer Thoughts

So, yesterday while I was walking home from lab, my knee said, "You know Peter, you haven't been feeling enough pain lately. Let me fix that." And with a pop, it was so. I needed a nap anyways and hobbled my way home and took a nap. During this nap intermission, I will describe my symptoms: ball-bearing behind the knee cap pain, only ocurring when bending under load. That is to say, I could stand on the good leg, and bend my leg all I wanted, no problem. After the nap, the knee felt a little better, but not great, so I popped some Ibuprofin and went to practice.

TKD, as always, made me feel better. So did the gift of Mufie's little carrot cupcakes! And having tasty long conversations with faboo after getting food was also... well... tasty!

In other yesterday news, I got the guy from the college of liberal arts to sign on behalf of Prof. Abrams, so I tried to submit the proposal to the folks with the money, but they were out. I will go today. In related news, I am currently doing my laundry, because the only T-shirt I have available is my "Bronx Science Swim: The faster we go -- the qucker we come!" shirt, which I think could really screw the pooch on this deal.

My knee's feeling much better, but it feels like I need to pop it (you know, that feeling you get when you just have to crack your knuckles). I'll probably take some more ibuprofin to hold off any pain demons.

On Tuesday, 3 hours of time-wasting demolished the first half or so of The Drawing of the Three, the second book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Its better than the first, so far. As faboo said, the first was really just a bootstrapping for the plot, as it is now moving.


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