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Wherein T-Mobile is likened to a drug dealer and OOo and Octave perform beautifully

So, I tried to use google today on my phone. I couldn't and was presented with an ad to sign up for unlimited T-Zones (T-Mobile's brand name for WAP access and such) for the low-low (for very high values of low) price of $4.95 a month. I called up 611 and asked about this. They told me it was standard practice to give T-Zones for 6-8 months free of charge at the start and then take it away. I asked, "so like a drug dealer giving you your first hit free?" Their response was the definition of neutral.

Today I went to class, and realized I didn't have any of the books on me that I'd need to work on my lab writeup and MATLAB lab. So I went home, and just for shits and giggles, checked to see if Octave supported the tf() function (something very important in my line of work). I wasn't expecting it to work, since I haven't gotten OctaveForge installed yet (some added glue to make Octave more MATLAB-y). And lo and behold: Octave comes with tf, as well as step, and many many more useful functions. And a killer price :-).

Moved Freenet to my much larger /usr partition (don't ask, I just didn't know what the hell I was doing when I started). And I'm working on my lab! And listening to!

I am predatory, because I am stalking the work, and destructionating it!

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